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Whether you are in the Public, Nonprofit, or Private Sectors, we've got you covered.

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Whether you're in Local, State, or Federal Government, finding the right consultants to assist is key. After 30 years of experience with all levels of Government, we are here to help. 


Here at IPA, we have plenty of resources to help aid you and your business.

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Private Businss


We have worked with many Federal, State, and Local Governments, bringing them to a positive, new place.


If you're looking to work with us, here are some contracts and certifications we currently hold:


  • GSA MAS Contract #47QRAA23D007D

    • Business Administrative Services #541611

    • Professional and Management Development Training Contract #611430​

    • Access our GSA Contract Page Here​​

  • Inter-agency agreement with the U.S. Department of the Interior - Federal Consulting Group 

  • Fairfax Virginia County Government:​ Fairfax County, Virginia Organizational Development, Training, and Coaching Contract #4400009745/1

  • Fairfax County, Virginia Program Evaluation Services Contract #4400011735

  • University of Virginia, Strategic Services Contract UVA-AGR-SVC-00283-IMPACT

For all questions regarding these contracts, please contact Ted at



As a Nonprofit, finding the right consultant who understands your passion and impact is key.

We are here to help you build credibility to your sponsors, donors, and more. 

Book a call with us and let us start the process of getting you back on track.


Not sure where you fit? Not a problem. 

We are here to help you, regardless of if you work in Government, Nonprofit, Business, or none of the above. 

Let's start growing the value of your organization and people.

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