WHY IMPACT Paradigm Associates?

*  IMPACT Paradigm Associates (IPA) is an organizational development consulting and training firm who understands your specific challenges, constraints, and culture.  Our network of experts have successfully led and managed organizations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, so we know what it's like to sit in your chair and how to address the most complex situations you are facing with proven practices and tools.    

*We are systems-focused.  We understand that change introduced anywhere in an organization has implications for other components in an organization and its environment, so we bring a multi-layered perspective to define and address the intended and unintended effects at all levels in the organizaiton.


*As a small business, we are an agile, adaptable professional services provider that can meet your changing needs quickly, effectively, and efficiently.  We can design to cost in order to fit any budget level and still bring transformative results.  With our network and vetted partners we can scale up or down quickly to provide large enterprise wide solutions or small, intimate boutique style services.


*We are not a big box store consulting company.  When you partner with IPA, you will have experienced experts delivering personalized, tailored results to your organization.  We don't force fit a one-size fits all solution delivered by consultants-in-training.  

*We know what actually works.  With our years of experience, we've seen the trends, fads, and repackaging of approaches and weeded out the noise.  We only used research-based and proven best practices in the right combination to help you achieve success for yourself, your customers, AND their customers.

IMPACT Paradigm Associates

  Guided By Three Principles:

  • Relentless Customer Focus, Success & Satisfaction

  • Resilient Organizational Health

  • Repeatable, Sustainable Results

Listen to Susan Jenkins and Ted Kniker, as featured on FEDTalks The Key Executive Leadership Programs Speaker Series.

Discussing the importance of the mandates, practices and available resources to help leaders achieve greater success in critical areas of growth,

they provide examples from their experience as government leaders and evaluators in fostering learning in organizations. 

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