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IPA provides organizational development and performance consulting. 

We engage with you to facilitate planned change efforts, involving the total system. Using behavioral-science knowledge, we use top level buy-in and support to increase organizational effectiveness and health.


One of the most common problems organizations face is the lack of clear vision and plan to get there. IMPACT Paradigm Associates works with your organization to define your future outcomes through an inclusive process. Generate clarity and buy-in with the workforce, design achievable goals and implement objectives that inspire.

Need to document your success, understand what is working or is an opportunity for improvement, or know which alternative is right for your business? IMPACT Paradigm Associates works with any government, non-profit or commercial organization to measure, monitor and evaluate initiatives, programs and organizations.

Organizations are in a constant state of change, but often don't fully manage the change process. They ask employees to pivot without helping them through the emotional transition. IMPACT Paradigm Associates uses a unique approach for holistic change, assisting organizations to unfreeze from old thoughts and habits and make rom for tangible and intangible factors for success.

IMPACT Paradigm Associate’s primary goal in facilitation is to create an effective environment for participation where people feel heard and valued while working through a structured and efficient process to make progress toward a desired future and agreed upon objectives.  Our facilitation helps organizations to innovate, solve problems, and make decisions with collective intelligence of diverse groups.

For organizations to be at their best, their people must be the best. IMPACT Paradigm Associates works with individuals and groups to increase leadership and technical mastery through training (transfer of knowledge/skills) and coaching (helping people to become unstuck and move forward) for professional excellence and personal satisfaction.

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