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Our Services

Here at IPA, we pride ourselves on offering multiple services to guide you on your path to success. 

Check out the services we offer below: 

Strategic Planning

Lack of clear vision and plan to get there?

Define your future outcomes, generate clarity and design achievable goals.

Program Evaluation

Need to understand what is working, find your improvements, or know which alternative is right for your business? Learn how to measure and monitor initiatives, programs, and organizations.

Business Valuation

Are you looking to achieve a feeling of true freedom? Assess and increase your organization's value and readiness for satisfying succession, and continue building the business you dream of having.


Create an effective environment for participation where people feel heard and valued. Learn a structured and efficient process to make progress toward a desired future and agreed upon objectives.

Training & Coaching

For your organization to be its best, your people must be the best. Increase leadership and professional excellence through training and coaching.

Change Management

Find yourself in a constant state of change, but are unsure how to manage the change process? Learn how to shift from old thoughts and habits and make room for success.

Want to see a comprehensive list of everything we offer?

Download our Capabilities sheet here.

Not sure where to start? 
Have a need that's not covered above? 

We'd love to help!

Work in the Public, Nonprofit, or Private Sector?

Learn how to work with us here.

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