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Need to document your success, understand what is working or is an opportunity for improvement, or know which alternative is right for your business? IMPACT Paradigm Associates works with any government, non-profit or business organization to measure, monitor and evaluate initiatives, programs, and organizations.

IMPACT Paradigm Associates consult, facilitate, and train organizations in:

Strategic Evaluation

  • Evaluation Capacity Building

  • Evaluation Plan Development

  • Learning Agenda Development

  • Organizational Evaluation Strategy and Prioritization

  • Grant Evaluation Requirements and Proposals

  • Paperwork Reduction Act Submissions Packages

Program Evaluation Process and Projects

  • Sakeholder Engagement

  • Logic Model and Balanced Scorecard Development

  • Developing Effective Evaluative and Research Questions

  • Survey Design

  • Focus Group Facilitation

  • Key Informant Interviewing

  • Data Analysis - Quantitative, Qualitative, Mixed Methods

  • Data Visualization

  • Communicating Impact and Improvement to Sponsors, Funders and the Workforce

Performance Measurement and Improvement

  • Developing Performance Management Frameworks

  • Malcolm Baldridge Performance Award

  • Lean Six Sigma

  • Balanced Scorecard

  • High Performing Organizations

  • Accountable Organizations

Data Planning, Analysis and Utilization

  • Data Literacy

  • Data Informed Decision Making

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