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We are driven to make the world a better place for everyone.  We know that all organizations and people have an impact on those they encounter and we are all connected.  For us, impact is whether all of your activities, processes, and outputs make a difference for your intended audience(s) so that you and they can achieve their desired future.  Our passion is to assist organizations and their people to identify and define success, be better, to make a lasting, positive difference, and to leave a legacy of value.

We recognize that to accomplish their goals or dreams, all people and organizations use paradigms - their way of understanding the world, the set of rules used to problem solve, and the beliefs of what is possible.  Often, organizations are not aware when their paradigms become a hindrance. IPA works to uncover your paradigms, see your organization and programs from different angles, and have you innovate new paradigms so that your organization can leap forward.  

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