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IMPACT Paradigm Associates' work is built on the foundation of four guiding principles that build the foundation for successful client relationships.

We commit to "The Four R's."

  • Relentless Customer Focus, Success & Satisfaction

  • Resilient Organizational Health

  • Repeatable, Sustainable Results

  • Remaining Connection

Relentless Customer Focus, Success and Satisfaction

Organizations exist to serve a need or deliver a want to an intended audience. Our experience and expertise in quality management and continuous improvement positions us to uniquely understand customers.


We prioritize taking the time to know your organization, stakeholders and unique environment to ensure we meet your needs. Your success is our top priority!

Resilient Organizational Health

In a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, organizations are challenged to realize their mission and goals, while maintaining a positive environment that motivates and engages employees.

We use inclusive and participatory processes integrated with wellness concepts to assist. We help organizations and their people align, execute and renew faster and more affectively.

Repeatable Sustainable Results

We are experts in organizational performance and accountability, and we provide our clients with outcomes-based frameworks to link factors that provide a positive customer difference. 

Organizations learn from our work together to establish clear alignment between people, processes and purpose. 

Remaining Connection

Connection to others is a key driver of individual and organizational behavior. Every person has a significant contribution, and we can all learn an be strengthened through interaction with one another. 

We remain committed to your success even after an engagement ends. Once a client; FOREVER a friend. 

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