IMPACT Paradigm Associates is an organizational development consulting firm focused on assisting organizations, programs, and people to achieve results that matter. Utilizing research and evidence-informed methodologies, systems approach, IPA provides specifically tailored models and tools for success that fit an organization’s culture. Our engagements are supported by research, assessments, data analysis, continuous improvement and tailored change management. 


Our Vision: To empower and energize people and organizations to achieve their full potential

to deliver sustainable positive results for all


Our Mission: To improve our client's organizational success and health through new ways of thinking, acting, and leading.   


What does Impact mean to you?

For us, it is whether all of your activities, processes, and outputs make a difference for your intended audience(s) so that you and they can achieve their desired future.  Our passion is to assist organizations and their people to identify and define success, be better, to make a lasting, positive difference, and to leave a legacy of value.

Working with Paradigms

All people and organizations use paradigms - their way of understanding the world, the set of rules used to problem solve, and the beliefs of what is possible.  Often, organizations are not aware when their paradigms become a hindrance. IPA works to uncover your paradigms, see your organization and programs from different angles, and have you innovate new paradigms to move your organization forward.   


How We Help

Through our engagements and interactions, we:

  • Envison: Help you focus and define the success and value you want to create and build strategic and action plans to accomplish your goals. 

  • Engage and Empower:  Partner with your people to transform your talent  to create leaders at all levels to lead change professionally and personally and achieve desired results.

  • Execute: Facilitate, train, manage to transfer knowledge, skills and abilities in a sustainable way.

  • Evaluate: Measure and assess progress and achievement of your activities, processes, outputs and outcomes so that you can demonstrate the IMPACT of your work.

Meet IPA's Leadership Team

Krista Conaway
President and CEO

Krista Conaway is a business entrepreneur who has started three successful companies.  Her entrepreneurship follows a long, distiguished career as a marketing director for financial investment and advertising companies, culminating as Director of Catalog Marketing for Discovery Communications.  She was also one of the first female investment brokers for a Fortune 100 investment company.  She is a respected and trusted adviser to C-level leaders in government and commercial organizations.

Ted Kniker
Executive Vice President

Ted Kniker is an internationally recognized expert and thought leader in organizational performance improvement, with extensive executive leadership roles in the public and commercial sectors.   His work as Chief of Evaluation and Performance Measurement at the U.S. State Department was recognized by President George W. Bush, benchmarked by OMB and called a best practice by the OIG. Ted brings over 30 years of cross-sector and cross-functional team experience to his clients.  He also has served as a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Examiner.

Our approach to working with you is as easy as A B C.

Attitude, Affectation, Access Change

  • We collaborate with you and your teams to bring awareness, knowledge, understanding, support for, and confidence in new ways of thinking and skill sets for success.  We help your organization learn!

Behavior Change

  • IPA guides and challenges you and your workforce to apply the learning for personal and organizational improvement.  

Condition Change

  • Whether you need to reduce or eliminate dysfunction, or  your organization wants to get even better than it already is, IPA helps you define measurable, observable success and puts you on a path to achieving results that make a difference.

Our Network of Experts bring experience and proven success in an integrated and inter-disciplinary manner to a wide range ​assistance areas, including:

  • Organizational Development

  • Change and Transition Management

  • Strategic Envisioning and Planning

  • Performance Measurement

  • Program Evaluation

  • Survey Development

  • Data Analysis and Analytics

  • Customer Satisfaction and Service Improvement

  • Process Improvement

  • Lean Six Sigma

  • Leadership Development

  • Executive Team Coaching, Team Development

  • Executive Coaching

  • Employee Engagement

  • Workforce Analysis and Planning

  • Workforce Development

  • HR Transformation and Metrics

  • Training Needs Assessment

  • Training Evaluation

  • Facilitation 

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Strategic Communications